WP Technologies has worked with a number of leading construction companies to supply and install concrete repair systems in accordance with manufactures specifications and industry best practices as set out by the ACRA (Australian Concrete Repair Association).

Repairs to concrete structures such as pillars,walls, ceilings and floors are often undertaken to extend the life of a building or substrate.

We can supply remedial repair solutions for all aspects of concrete restoration, preservation and protection, ensuring the longevity of your floors,buildings, structures and industrial assets.


Concrete Flooring Repair

Before & After Crack Repair

Low Pressure Crack Injection repair

High Pressure Polyurethane Injection

Basement Ceiling Repair in Progress

Degraded Concrete Pillar Repair

Warehouse Floor Repair

Water Ingress through Concrete Substrate

Water Ingress Repair Animation 

Below Ground Water Grouting Repair

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