WP Solutions are specialist waterproofing contractors and consultants, with a broad range of skill sets to ensure all your water ingress concerns are resolved.

We supply long term economic remedial waterproofing solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial industries

WP Technologies quality assurance systems ensure all projects are of exceed standards, providing the cost effective, long term solutions you deserve.

WP Technologies works with a number of leading manufactures to supply and install quality waterproofing systems in accordance with manufactures specifications and industry best practices as set out by the MBA (Master Builders Australia).

Our construction consultants supply leak investigation services  and comprehensive reportsfor strata managers, real estates, property managers, government bodies and property owners.

We can supply and install systems for new and remedial water ingress concerns, some common areas we complete are shown below.

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Internal Wet Areas

External Balconies

Silicone Joints

Roof Membranes

Basement Membranes

Polyurethane Joints


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